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Hi, my name is Stephanie. Welcome to my page.  


I am a sacred musician, yoga and meditation facilitator and soulful counsellor.


Embody Soul offers holistic healing retreats and day programs in Byron Bay that incorporate yoga, meditation, somatic based counselling and sound healing


I specialise in supporting people to return to a state of wholeness by healing the connection with self, and the Earth. 

B. Education | GD. Counselling | Cert IV Yoga Teaching

My Philosophy

I believe that life continually calls us deeper into our truest expression of ourselves as we evolve as human beings. I believe there is a process that we go through - a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth to learn specific lessons and gain wisdom on our life. I support people to find completion in these 'life teachings' through soulful counselling, music, yoga and meditation.  As we support and accelerate these evolutionary cycles, we can return to wholeness, happiness and tap into our heart filled destiny with this world.

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