Rumination to Illumination

A Still Mind Workshop

Preparation to calm your mind with take home practices to find inner peace.


Includes Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Wisdom Exploration


We know the mind gets busy and takes us on a ride into the past and the future. This only serves to rob us of the present moment. We can never live in the past, or in the future, we can only ever feel what we are living in the NOW. This workshop will guide you into a deeper feeling of presence through techniques that calm the mind. This is the journey that leads us into a greater sense of self and an inner freedom from our minds' fears to live the lives we only dream of. Our fears, insecurities and lack of sense of self get in the way of living the life we truly desire and its time to bypass those fears so we can live empowered lives where we follow our inner joy. To do that, we need to master our mind, calm the mind and step into our witness self, our true self. Begin, or continue the path you're on.... by learning these practices.


You will feel

  • freedom from your mind

  • a feeling of inner peace 

  • expanded awareness of self

  • body relaxation


The practices you receive

  • gentle yoga and restorative postures to settle into the stillness of the body. 

  • uyajjai breath practice

  • meditation techniques using affirmations, e.g. ‘I am freedom’

  • deep body relaxation to bypass the conscious mind and bring the body into a natural state of healing

  • wisdom sharing on the benefits of calming mind, and how to develop a daily practice


The benefits

  • regulate the nervous system, find stillness of mind and surrender to presence

  • help focus the mind and cultivate feelings of freedom

  • bypass the conscious mind to bring the body into a natural state of healing. 


Your facilitator


My name is Stephanie, I am a spiritual coach and yoga facilitator. My deep spiritual explorations over the last 10 years have led me travelling to learn yogic teachings, meditation and philosophy over the last 10 years. Using the practices of yoga and meditation I have found union in my body, mind and spirit for self realisation and now seek to share with others I have been teaching what I have learnt for the past 5 years through sharing yoga, meditation, and studying the human psyche through modern counselling approaches. My approach is rooted in the philosophy that everything we seek is found within and the goal of life is to surrender to our universal nature. Learn more


If you seeking to calm your mind, learn some new techniques to practice at home then this is for you. Come along.