About Me

Hi, my name is Steph Wallace
I am a sacred musician, yoga and meditation facilitator, and soul psychotherapist. I support people to fully embody the true essence of their soul through sound, therapy, and yoga. My journey began with yoga, and meditation which led me to study counselling, and later to Bali where I lived for three years. Upon a journey to Peru, I began my healing journey with shamanic journeying. This path has led me to find my soul voice and gift sharing sacred medicine music where I now write my own songs and offer sound journeys. 
My spirit journey began when I found yoga and meditation in 2010.  After practicing for a year I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I completed my first YTT in 2011 with the Byron Yoga Centre. I journeyed with various meditation practices for two years before going to a yoga retreat in Bali where I had a spiritual awakening. This initiated me into the spiritual path, and the practice of yoga and meditation. I began teaching meditation courses which I continued for two years to support people through the process of spiritual awakening. 
My awakening also initiated me into the importance of emotional healing. I began to realise how my highly charged emotions affected the looping thoughts in my mind.  I began to sit with and heal my emotions which began to  have a direct affect on my physical life. This lead me to the practice of counselling where I began my studies of a Graduate Diploma in Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Melbourne for two years. I also completed a second YTT with Cat Kabira in 2014 to complement my awareness of yoga as an embodied practice for healing. During my studies, I was also working extensively with at risk youth counselling teens. 
After the completion of my counselling degree, I journeyed to Peru where I was initiated once again, this time into the path of shamanic journeying and sacred medicines.  Upon my return from Peru, I made a major life change decision to move to Bali, where I lived for the next three years teaching yoga, connecting with community, and developing an online business.
Over the course of the last 5 years I have continued to work with shamanic journeying and sacred medicine which has led me to discover an untapped gift - my voice. I began learning the guitar and sharing medicine songs in 2017 and now write my own music.


Qualifications & Teachings

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling (ACAP) 2014

  • Bachelor of Education (QUT) in 2009

  • Cert IV in YTT with John Ogilvie 2011

  • Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (2013)

  • Advanced energetics YTT with Cat Kabira 2013

  • Certificate in Inner Dance Facilitation

  • Robyn Collins of Conscious Life Meditation 2011