Awakening Bali Retreat

Embodied Awakening Journey

Dates TBA 2021 


Do you want to ...

 Find a lasting, true relief from your suffering?

Find true and ultimate freedom?

Reconnect with your feelings​?

Come and join me in an incredible healing retreat into the spiritual awakening of your true self. Immerse yourself in the magical healing powers of Bali through yoga, meditation and healing practices to awaken to your inner stillness and your true authentic self.  This retreat will challenge your ego to surrender into truth, and to let go of everything that you ‘think’ you know. You will be guided to open up to, and embrace the spiritual truths of the universe and connect ever more deeply to all of life. Come and join me to rebirth into a new, light filled you.

What is an authentic awakening?

I call this retreat an authentic awakening because you will be guided to release your attachment to your ego, dis-idenitify with the stories of the mind, and reconnect to your internal world of feeling and sensation. These three things will liberate you from the suffering of the mind, and also learn to reconnect with yourself, your emotions and the authentic nature of being a spiritual being in human form.

Growing up in a westernised society, we have been taught to disconnect from our emotional world. The problem with this is that to disconnect from our emotions is to disconnect from a part of ourselves. You can imagine it like severing a limb from our body. The world of sensation and feeling allows us to reconnect to the subtle energy layers of our body, which serve our ability to heal ourselves, and listen to our inner guidance. Therefore, it serves us to reconnect to our emotional body and see how it links to traditional spiritual practice. 


Spiritual practice as dictated by the yogic texts is very much masculine based. It was developed by male teachers, without an integration of the feminine approach. Modern day spiritual practice integrates the female approach which is rooted in anchoring spiritual practice into the body. Old practices use the philoposhy of detaching from the mind and body. However, more modern approaches learn how to integrate mindfulness into the body, using awareness of sensation and emotion as a means of healing and inner integration. 


We use

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Therapeutic Self Enquiry

  • Somatic Practice

  • Sound Healing

  • Dance



Awaken to your TRUE SELF and learn to FEEL again

During this retreat you will...

  • learn a range of meditation techniques and yoga practices to still the mind and body

  • experience a range of workshops & individual guidance on how to find ultimate freedom

  • explore philosophy on awakening to the true self

  • reconnect to your internal world of feeling and sensation

  • self enquiry activities to release attachments and ego stories

  • sharing circle for questions and insights

  • explore expressive dance & Inner Dance to find your authentic self expression

  • explore how to end your suffering and find ultimate liberation from all that binds you. Learn how to

  • release the things/situations/people you attach to in your life.

  • cultivate inner strength to both accept your life situations, and make necessary changes.

Accommodation & Food

  • 7 Days in Luxury Accommodation in Ubud, Bali

  • Breakfast Daily

  • 3 Group Dinners

  • 2 Group Lunches


  • Visit a Balinese Shaman

  • Water Blessing Purification Ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess

  • Kintamani Day Tour

  • Pyramids of Chi Sound Bath

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