Seeking to Surrender

AWorkshop on Awakening

Workshop Seeking to Surrender - Awakening to the True Self. 

Thursday 23rd & 30th June 3:30 - 6:30pm

Blue Karma Resort

(10 minutes up road on Jl Suweta. Turn left after the big temple, follow the road till you see BLUE FLAGS for Blue Karma Resort) Near Pyramids of Chi.


Over 3 hours, you will do hatha yoga postures, meditaiton, philosophy on awakening and self enquiry activities to help you gain clarity on who you are, give you greater life meaning and build an unshakable inner core. 


You will peel away all that you have learned, surrendering to the truth that you know nothing. The ego loves to identify with being someone, with being a mother, a father, a daughter, a teacher and yet the true self knows no identity, it knows no boundary for it is limitless and endless. We think we are this body, this mind, these emotions when infact we are nothing and everything at the same time. We are limitless, formless and ever expanding. The deepest form of suffering evolves out this lack of knowing. During this workshop we will explore this inner truth at our deepest core. TO know who we are. To reconnect with our interconnection with everything. Be prepared to release all that you THOUGHT you knew.


You will practice


    •    Introduction into awakening, including what is the pathway and how to get there.

    •    Stillness of mind through sounding breathing techniques

    •    Hatha yoga asana integrated with the theme of awakening. These postures will prepare the body for meditation and guide you into a state of inner stillness.

    •    Deep body relaxation to assist in the awakening process. This bypasses the conscious mind into a theta healing state to harmonise the body and access higher consciousness. 

    •    Awakening to Self concepts - impermanence, the unknown, the void, the minds stories.

    •    Self enquiry exercise to integrate the inner process. During this process, we will realise the stories that we tell ourselves and step into the unknown.


We will dive deep into themes of awakening such as ‘impermanence of life’, ‘knowing we know nothing’, and ‘releasing the minds stories’.  This wisdom can be useful to apply to our daily life and see the game of life we are playing.


Your facilitator


My name is Stephanie, I am a spiritual coach and yoga facilitator. My deep spiritual explorations over the last 10 years have led me travelling to learn yogic teachings, meditation and philosophy over the last 10 years. Using the practices of yoga and meditation I have found union in my body, mind and spirit for self realisation and now seek to share with others I have been teaching what I have learnt for the past 5 years through sharing yoga, meditation, and studying the human psyche through modern counselling approaches. My approach is rooted in the philosophy that everything we seek is found within and the goal of life is to surrender to our universal nature.



If you seeking yourself, seeking deeper meaning in life and seeking inner peace, this is for you. Come along. 


Contribution for the event is 300 000IDR for 3 hour workshop, refreshments and use of resort facilities/pool.