Womens Healing Retreat

Dates: TBA 2021

This retreat is a deep healing retreat is designed for people who are wanting to radically shift their life to a new level.  

We are so much more than what we have led ourselves to believe and its time to step into that fullness of who we are. 

Do you want to,

  • Discover wounds you didn’t know you had that are unconsciously impacting your quality of life. 

  • Dive deep within yourself

  • Receive profound healing

  • Realise that you have the ability to heal yourself

  • Realise that you are beautiful and you matter

  • Come out feeling clear, light and having healed deep wounds

  • Free yourself from holding onto others’ pain and suffering

  • Participate in deep process to help you develop intimate relationships with others

Then, this retreat has been designed EXACTLY FOR YOU.

This healing journey takes you into the deep layers of yourself that are holding you back from living your highest life. If you are prepared, we will guide you to release those pieces of your past. They might be past traumas from a young age, or into your adult years, maybe even from birth. 

In this retreat, you will come into a deeper alignment with the divine within you, so that your life becomes an expression of that divine essence. 










Sometimes we keep repeating the same old patterns and this is because our programming needs to be upgraded. We need to step into a new and improved belief system. That is what you will receive in this retreat. 

You will have the opportunity to,

  • Profoundly change the way that you look at yourself

  • Realise that you have the power to change your life.

  • Realise the importance of making time for yourself and acknowledging your feelings

  • Believe in yourself

  • Gain a deep understanding of your inner being

  • feel stronger, more confident and more in touch with your heart

  • Feel safe to explore issues in your life with a group of like minded women

  • Feel love and connection with a group of supportive women

  • Develop a sense of adventure

  • Take time out of your life to reconnect with yourself

  • Join with a group of like minded people who are brave enough to lead with their hearts 

You will be supported by myself, Stephanie Wallace, a professional counsellor, yoga facilitator and spiritual guide. I have been guiding people through spiritual awakening and inner emotional processes for the last five years, both as a professional counsellor, and a yoga and mindfulness facilitator.  


Others have said...

Stephanie's approach as a facilitator,

  • is intuitive, heart centred and authentic 

  • embodies what she is talking about

  • you will feel comfortable and at ease in her presence

  • manages to see the potential and beauty in everyone

  • has wisdom, self-awareness and communication skills 

  • has an ability to transform a negative experience into an opportunity for growth and learning

  • supports women to create change in their lives

  • asks the right questions to inspire you to question things in your life

  • inspires you to follow your dreams

  • empowers you to feel completely safe and heard

  • is tapped into the universal life force reflected in her teaching, communication and support 

  • supports and guides others along their spiritual path cultivated through her own personal growth and life path

  • will help you embrace deep parts of yourself 

  • will help you gain greater insight into your purpose in this world

  • has a capacity to listen and guide from her heart 

  • has an approach rooted in spiritual and personal development

  • is down to earth, grounded and practical 


You will also be supported by some other very experienced and professional facilitators holding space throughout the journey.


We will be going through an evaluation process of all the old stuff that we are still holding onto and LETTING IT GO

Are you,

  • ready to take responsibility for your own healing?

  • ready to release major blocks holding you back?

  • willing to see your inner shadows?

  • ready to upgrade your whole system?

  • ready to step forward into a new version of yourself?

  • ready to awaken to your highest truth?

  • ready to release victim mentality and take full responsibility of your life?

  • If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this retreat has been designed exactly for you.


You will be fully supported amidst the beautiful surrounds of the Bali jungle, a spiritual healing destination.


The accommodation will be near Ubud, the most magnificent destination amidst clear air, waterfalls, rice fields and organic foods.

  • 4 star luxury accommodation

  • yoga shala immersed in nature

  • beautiful organic foods

  • fall asleep to the sounds of nature

You will receive


Daily Hatha Yoga classes

Daily silence meditation

Deep self enquiry processes

Group healing circle process

Inner Dance process for deep healing

Spiritual tour with Balinese Priestess

Water Purification at Balinese Temple


Does this sound like what you have been looking for? 


This retreat is limited to 10 people to create a sacred and contained space for this work. Reserve your space now.

It is time to invest in YOU!

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