Inner Dance Journey

Inner Dance.png

Inner Dance is a journey created by Pi Villaraza after living on an island for 2 years only drinking cocnuts!

In an Inner Dance journey, you can use the bodies intelligence to uncover repressed trauma and release it through intuitive body movement.  Simultaneously, you can access your higher self consciousness to connect to the divine truth of who you are. Both are possible in Inner Dance. It is a combined modality that covers many bases.  It works with the mechanics of the bodies intelligence which bypasses the ego and the defence mechanisms of the conscious mind. You will be held in a safe, non judgemental space to go through your journey. Afterwards, you have an (optional) opportunity to talk about your experience to integrate your newfound awareness into your life.

 This is a truly transformative opportunity for deep healing and integration for your soul to


3 Hr Private Session 



  • 2 hour Private Inner Dance Healing Journey

  • 1 hour Soul Counselling Session


Cost: $130 AUD