Self Love Healing

Bali Retreat

9th - 15th December  2019

Do you tend to follow others, and ignore your own desires and needs?

Have you lost yourself in a relationship?

Do you find yourself feeling alone a lot of the time?

Then IT IS TIME to truly reconnect to YOURSELF!


This retreat is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and learn how to love all the aspects of yourself that you have denied, disowned and rejected, and to RECLAIM yourself. 


Part of that process is recognising and releasing that which holds you back, including people and situations that undermine your greatness.


We all have a unique gift and message we bring to this world and it is up to us to realise what that is, and to love ourselves enough to know it has significance. Often we don’t follow it. We stuff it down and we tell ourselves it's not important, that its not special and no one will want to hear it. However, our intuition is always guiding us to realise that greatness.


It is our life purpose to express that greatness to the world.


It may begin with some of these nudges….


Maybe you want to quit your job and go travelling. 

Maybe you want to start a business and share your voice. 

Maybe you want to write a book.

Whatever your heart is calling you to...


To love yourself and recognise your own signifiance

To reconnect with your true essence

To learn how to trust yourself again

To build an inner confidence in your inner knowing

To reconnect with your hearts desires and direction for your life

To reignite your inspiration and passion for your life again

How will we do this?


Cultivate DEEP STILLNESS so we can listen to our silent inner voice calling us forward through YOGA and MEDITATION.  


We will connect to our creative life force and heal old self limiting wounds with the practice of INNER DANCE and SELF ENQUIRY.


We will undergo a thorough SOUL SELF ENQUIRY with specific questioning to identify relationships and circumstances that are/have been holding us back in life, and from following our truest desires for our life path.


We will CONNECT deeply to our SPIRITUAL NATURE and access INSIGHT through rituals such as Balinese water purification ceremony, visiting a local balinese shaman, and connecting with the lands of Bali.


We will identify the LIFE WE WANT TO CREATE and list ACTION STEPS to get there. 

Daily Schedule

8am Yoga

9am Meditation

930am Breakfast

11amWisdom Teaching 

1pm Lunch

230pm Self Inquiry/Group Process/Inner Dance

430 Free time

6pm Group Dinner


Note: Will vary based on day tour events



5 x Transformational Day Sessions

7 Days in Luxury Accommodation in Ubud, Bali

Breakfast Daily

3 Group Dinners

2 Group Lunches

A Spiritual Day Tour to a Balinese Shaman

A Water Blessing Purification Ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess

Visit Sacred Land of Kintamani 

Energetic Healing Massage

  • courage to overcome negative and toxic situations in your life

  • spiritual connection

  • deep presence in your being

  • connection with like minded people 

  • a realignment with your true self

  • connection to your heart

  • deep healing of old wounds 

  • inner confidence in yourself 

  • trust in your inner intelligence

  • acknowledgement of your feelings

  • belief in yourself

  • a strong sense of self

  • an adventure of travelling, spiritual exploration, and connection

  • support in a group of like minded women

  • safe space to explore challenges with loving women

  • value in yourself and your gifts

  • insight into your purpose in this world

  • inspiration to follow your dreams

Stephanie's approach as a facilitator,

  • is intuitive, heart centred and authentic 

  • embodies what she is talking about

  • you will feel comfortable and at ease in her presence

  • manages to see the potential and beauty in everyone

  • has wisdom, self-awareness and communication skills 

  • has an ability to transform a negative experience into an opportunity for growth and learning

  • supports women to create change in their lives

  • asks the right questions to inspire you to question things in your life

  • inspires you to follow your dreams

  • empowers you to feel completely safe and heard

  • is tapped into the universal life force reflected in her teaching, communication and support 

  • supports and guides others along their spiritual path cultivated through her own personal growth and life path

  • will help you embrace deep parts of yourself 

  • will help you gain greater insight into your purpose in this world

  • has a capacity to listen and guide from her heart 

  • has an approach rooted in spiritual and personal development

  • is down to earth, grounded and practical 


You will also be supported by some other very experienced and professional facilitators holding space throughout the journey.








Bali is the most magnificent place that has literally changed my life. The energy of this place is palpable and rapidly initiates your spiritual evolution!


Once you commit to coming to Bali for spiritual awakening, she gets to work. A simple commitment will take you a thousand steps forward.


The question is....


Commit to your Personal Growth Today!