Believe in Yourself

Self doubt is a common struggle that many people face, and one that can pervade ones life creating confusion, instability and a perceived lack of safety. I know its been one of my greatest teachers. All too often, we know the direction we want to take but we don't believe in ourselves to move forward in that direction. If you could have anything in this life, what would it be? What’s stopping you from going after that? The truth is, you are a powerful creator and you will succeed in anything you commit to.

As sparks of divine creation we are constantly receiving messages from our heart as to which direction to move in. However, sometimes we choose not to follow this guidance out of fear or self doubt. Personally I have realized the need to step into the front seat of my own life and take action on my choices, trusting those actions will reveal their fruits. We can never know exactly what will happen in our lives and we can never know the outcome of all situations. The best thing we can do is to trust ourselves and commit to any decision that we desire to make.

Part of the reason we are afraid to make a

decision is because we are afraid to make a mistake. Maybe we have been taught somewhere along the way that making mistakes is bad, but what is classified as a mistake? The deep roots of ones inability to trust oneself comes from being told that one has made ‘mistakes’ at some point in their lives - maybe at school, at home or somewhere else. You have never made a mistake, for every step along the way has taught you something valuable. We can choose to see the ‘problem’, or to see the lesson. Nothing is black and white for we are here to learn and grow, each with a unique path to follow. When we can begin to trust in our dreams and take action on what we want in life, we become empowered to live joyous and exciting lives.

One can choose to keep hoping that life will go the way we want it to, but nothing will ever really happen until we take some action. We are not passive agents that have no control over our lives. We have a lot of control over what we choose to allow into our lives and how we choose to deal with situations. We can choose our thoughts, how we respond to our emotions, and what actions we take. It is up to us to have faith in ourselves and the actions we are choosing to take. So many of us remain frozen in fear, not taking action in our lives because we don't believe that things will work out, afraid of making a mistake. Things always work out in the end, they always have and they always will. We are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, and in any given moment if we want to change something in our lives we have the power to do so. When we can start to really harness and believe in ourselves, we can trust in our ability to create whatever we so desire no matter how big or small.


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