Beyond Wild Dreams

Are you seeking change in your life? Do you ever wonder that there might be more to life than this? Well, you are right, there is. If you are asking yourself these questions, perhaps there is part of you that wants a better life for yourself, perhaps that part of you is seeking a life that is more fulfilling, purposeful, that ignites drive and passion within you. There are endless possibilities in your world, and there are multiple ways to get to where you genuinely desire to go. As you begin to realise this, you can step into the powerful force that you are, and facilitate change in your life. As you start to see beyond what you thought was available to you, you can step into the realm of possibility.

We can sometimes get stuck in ways of thinking and behaving, struggling to see a way out and wondering why we continue to repeat the same destructive patterns. You may not be able to see this yet, but there is a way out. That life that you so desire, it is possible, if you only allow yourself to enter into the realm of possibility. There is a voice within you that guides you to where you need to go, and that voice wants only the best for you in every step of the way. Take a moment now to just breathe in the life force that is within you, that deep breath that permeates every cell of your body. You are here and now, you have everything within you to step into the front seat of your life and make changes in line with that little voice inside that guides you towards your happiness. It isn’t a loud voice, not as loud as the mind that seeks to control, so listen carefully. Allow yourself to enter into a state of relaxation to hear clearly what your inner voice is saying.

Begin today by listening, ‘what is that little voice within you saying?’ ‘Where is this little voice guiding you?’ This voice is most often heard when we are relaxed, in a state of peace, love and compassion. When we are stressed, or overly emotional, the loud, control mind is often in the driving seat. So I encourage you, take some time out today to bring yourself into a state of relaxation. You might do this by listening to some calming music of your choice, sitting by the pool, watching the sunset, going for a walk amongst nature. Whatever it is, choose to allow yourself to enter into this space of relaxation where you can hear that little voice. There may be many louder voices in your mind that says, ‘I can’t relax, I have too much to do’, ‘I don’t deserve to relax’, ‘I don’t want to slow down.’ Acknowledge these voices, and choose not to buy into them, for you are choosing not to be controlled by the thoughts in your mind. You have the power to step into the driving seat of your own life, so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of. Take that first step.


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