The Power of Authentic Voice

This week I had a few people mention they were inspired by my courage to speak boldly in my blog posts and on Facebook. I had sincere gratitude for this, because I really didn't know how I would be received. All I know is that I have a message to share and I don't want my own fear to stop me from doing that. When we speak out about what we really think, there is often fear associated with being rejected for who we are - by family, friends and others on social media. It is a big risk to put yourself out there and say what you really think, but it’s SO worth it. It feels great to speak your truth! It’s time to embrace who we are and stop being AFRAID TO STEP ON PEOPLE’S TOES.

We have been silenced in our upbringing. We have been told to stay quiet and keep a ‘good’ reputation so that we are accepted by others in society. Well I can tell you now, if we all keep quiet nothing is going to change in this world. So the saying goes, “if you always do what you always have, you will always get what you’ve always got”. I know when I am speaking my truth because I start to get nervous as I am saying it. That fear is the reminder that I am boldly going where others don't dare to go. Wow, what a relief it is to express our loud what you think and feel.

Speaking out about governments and challenging the very foundations we have laid our core societal and cultural upbringing on is not an easy topic to approach. It is a controversial one that instigates strong opinions and simultaneously much criticism. However, for that same reason, it can also have a POWERFUL IMPACT. The most powerful impacts are not made when we tippie toe around the elephant in the room. Powerful impacts are made when we speak loudly and boldly about what we see in front of us. YES, the issues you see in your workplace, YES the issues you see in the governments, YES, the issues you see in your family and friendship circles. Everything has a shadow side and we can only bring it to light once we have acknowledged it is there.

If we want a better world, we need to stand STRONG in who we are. We need to speak out loud about the issues that we have experienced in our unique lives. We each have different lived experiences and therefore have different messages to be shared in different ways. There is no point in trying to tone down your message to please others, your message isn’t for everybody….just know that there are people out there who NEED to hear what you have to say! YOU are unique with a special message that no one else has. It’s SO IMPORTANT that you find an avenue to share it whether it be in your workplace, your artwork, your interactions with friends and family, or in the public arena. It’s time we stop being AFRAID TO STEP ON PEOPLE’S TOES.

Take a moment to ponder…

“If there was one thing you could change in this world, what would it be?”,

“What is the message that you want to share with the world that is unique to ONLY you?”,

“What medium do you LOVE to speak from? Art, poetry, technology, engineering, writing, public speaking, business?”

For me, I would change education so that it teaches children and teens the universal laws - the truth of who we are, and how to transform thoughts and feelings into manifestations of our highest dreams in life. Then, we can all work together to co-create a reality of divinity, of expressing the heaven that lies in our hearts. What would you change?


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