Trepidation to Trust

How have you stepped into the new year? Two feet in, two feet out? Maybe one foot in and one foot out? There has definitely been a degree of hesitancy for me as many questions have arisen to challenge my current life. Questions like, ‘What do I want to keep in my life? And, ‘What do I want to change?’

I have been faced with an ongoing struggle between my head and my higher self. The higher self and the mind are two distinctly different aspects of ourselves. As mentioned by many spiritual teachers such as George Kavassilas, Teal Swan and Swami Satchidananda, our higher self knows our path we will take in this life. It knows the people we will meet, the places we will go, the tasks that we will perform on our life journey. There is an aspect of ourselves that KNOWS the best route for us. This is known as the path of least resistance. The more we tap into our higher self, the easier we can hear its subtle yet clear guidance and flow with the river. The more we follow the mind and the ego, the more we can get stuck and end up pushing our way through as if in thick mud. The human mind is limited like a barrier to seeing our true path, which is exactly why we preordained our journey before we came here.

My mind has been rearing its head, trying to tell me to change, to make some big decisions. Should I revert back to my old patterns, my old ways that instantly take flight, or should I take the higher path, the way forward into uncertainty? There is a newfound calmness that I have encountered. The ability to stay still amidst the rough waters of my mind. The ability to observe those thoughts and instead choose to trust in the journey that is unfolding before me. The journey that is not certain, that does not feel structured and will undoubtedly plunge me into deep learning and self discovery. And yet I trust. I choose to trust. In that trusting, there is no choice to make, no change to be made, a simple reminder to self to remain still, remain in trust. This, I feel, is the path of least resistance.

Trust comes from a knowing that our higher self is guiding us, that our journey is safe and supported. The knowing that we are going in the right direction no matter what we see before us. I cannot see the way, nor will I ever see it…. yet I trust. Sometimes changes need to be made in our life and that takes courage. Other times that courage is to have the willpower to remain where we are and trust the journey that is unfolding.

Where are you at this beautiful new beginning to the year?

I invite you, be still. Listen to your inner voice, allow your higher self that KNOWS to give you the guidance you seek. If you would like some help to hear your own inner guidance, or to help your teen to listen to their inner guidance…

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Lots of Love



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