Trust Yourself

Personal power comes from trusting yourself and not what other ‘expect’ you to do. There will be plenty of people in your life that think they know better and that want to give you advice. They may be coming from a place of love and you might even highly respect them, however they may not necessarily know what is right for you. We each have very different soul journeys and what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. Therefore it is important to learn to listen to yourself and your guiding system.

Sometimes when we know that things need to change in our lives, a part of us ‘knows’ what we need to do. Have you ever had a gut feeling that silently indicated to you that something didn’t feel right? That knowing is always there whether we want to listen to it or ignore it. Maybe it is that relationship that you know you need to end, that trip that you have always wanted to take or that career move that you have always wanted to make. It is that ‘knowing’ that is our soul speaking to us. This inner power that we hold within us is like a compass or a GPS internally guiding you where you need to go. Much like the car GPS, you can choose to turn it off and not listen and get lost, or you can listen to what it has to say. There is so much we can learn from our internal guiding system as it points us in the best direction of our souls desire rather than the ego’s desire. It may not always take us in the direction we thought we wanted to go, but it is important to trust that it is taking us where we need to go.

So next time you are thinking of taking advice from another person, ask yourself, ‘does this feel right for me?’ and trust your answer.


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