Why ‘work’ when you can play?

There are many similarities in how children are educated and how adults live and work in their daily lives. That is, both adults and students are programmed to produce ‘outcomes’. As a former school teacher, I have witnessed extreme disadvantage in the school system relating to ‘outcomes focused education’ and I witness many people facing stressful working conditions with demands to reach unrealistic outcomes. The word ‘work’ has been created by mankind to classify something outside of leisure. Why can’t our work also be leisure some?

People go to work and are expected to produce results, to meet strict deadlines, to park their emotions and instead focus on ‘work’. Similarly, students are taught to get high percentage scores in order to get into good universities, and ultimately lead them into ‘good’ jobs. One can classify themselves as having succeeded when they have acquired one of those ‘good’ jobs like that of a lawyer, doctor, scientist, or a physiotherapist, or basically anything that is high paying. One also works hard in their job to get that promotion and hopefully get paid a bit more, ultimately being classified again as ‘successful’ or superior in the eyes of family, friends and others. Why is it that we require other peoples approval for ‘success’? What if we created our own success measures, and our own outcomes? What if we attributed the same amount of success to those in high paying jobs as we did to those who show kindness to others? The truth is, its an ego trip.

Mother Theresa was not in a high paying job. She helped millions of people all across the world, touching their hearts with her kindness, compassion and empathy. When did we stop rewarding kindness the way we do with money? This is what will ultimately lead us to a world of peacefulness, harmony and authenticity. I think its time to reconsider our priorities as a human race, and take responsibility for our choices. Do we choose money, power and hence an ego trip, or do we choose humbleness, self empowerment and love?

I think its time to change the way we collectively make decisions as a human race by moving away from ego and power based decision making to conscious and empowered decision making. Aren’t we evolved enough to realise something needs to change in our current ways of being? Are money and outcomes our priority, or are we ready to see the innate value in humanity and loving kindness?

I am proposing a new way of living. What if everyday we woke up and focused on things that gave us joy instead of ‘work’? Instead of working as a labourer for someone else, we work on building our own dream home. Instead of working for someone else, we start our own dream business. What if everyday we lived empowered lives, thrilled to wake each day only to achieve our own outcomes that we set out for ourselves. Wouldn't it be nice to set your own outcomes for your life as opposed to having them set by others?

It’s time for self empowerment. We are conscious and evolved human beings to know that we don't need to be controlled by anyone, or anything. And so you are free to choose….work, or leisure?

Enjoy your week!


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