5 Steps to Live a Happy Life

Have you ever thought to yourself that its not possible to live a relaxed and happy life? I have. I used to work in quite volatile environments for about 2 years as a youth counsellor and I reached a transition point. You know those moments in life where you have two clear choices… well I was there. Did I want to choose a life I loved, or a life that left me feeling drained, unfulfilled and soulless? Of course I didn't see it that way at the time, but essentially those were the choices.

As a youth counsellor, I was earning good money and thought I truly was ‘helping’ so many young people, offering them love, support, counselling, yoga and relaxation practices. BUT, I was tired of being treated like shit, working long hours, giving all of my energy and not receiving back in return. The teens I was working with weren’t ready to change, and I realised my energy was not being maximised, giving to those who aren’t ready to receive my help.

I honoured myself by leaving. I knew that if I was going to move forward, I needed to move in a direction that was loving towards myself. I needed to pursue a life that filled my heart with joy, like dedicating my time to being in nature, teaching yoga, meditation and empowering others in a way that fulfilled me as well. The fear stopped me often from taking the leap. I was afraid of losing my ongoing income, afraid of leaving behind the life I had created, and most of all, afraid I COULD NOT LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE. I had a belief that life had to be hard, and I could not succeed unless I was suffering in some way.

Amongst all those fears, I courageously took the leap. I left my job, I booked my flight to Bali and I began the pursuit of a more joyful life.

I’m not saying that booking a flight to another country will solve all your problems, because it won’t. What it DID DO, was reconnect me with my joy and my souls desires. I didn’t figure out the answer to life’s problems in one moment, but I moved one step closer to a happier life.

Here, my love affair with Bali was truly realised. One month later, I began my advanced yoga teacher training with Cat Kabira in Ubud, Bali. Beautiful Cat, among many others and of course the lands of Bali helped me find my heart and soul again. I was reconnected to my joy, my inspiration, my truth and my heart - of yoga, dance, nature, and soulful friends. I found myself again. I began teaching yoga, sharing with others and embarked on new creative business ideas. I learnt how to move to the rhythm of my soul.

I truly believe our natural state is joy. Think back to a time when your soul smile lit up and you were truly happy and excited about life. THAT is what you want to connect with AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. That is YOU in your NATURAL STATE. I don’t mean being excited and elated all the time, but in a natural state of being connected to what you love. In the western world, we have grown up to think that we need to struggle to survive, that we have to work long hours and that its normal to feel unfulfilled. This is simply what we have been taught, IT’S NOT TRUE. We are beginning to learn a new way, one where we follow our hearts and our joy. The truth is, YOU CAN LIVE A LIFE THAT YOU LOVE!!

All it takes is a little….

  1. PERMISSION from ourselves to move in the direction of joy (instead of fear)

  2. COURAGE to take that step

  3. ENCOURAGEMENT (from this blog post), friends or family who truly care about your happiness

  4. TRUST in your heart to guide you

  5. ACTION to book that flight/move to that location/enrol in that course (whatever the step is)

It is possible to live a happier life. We need to give ourselves permission and have the courage to move forward. You CAN do it, I know you can. Go for it, don’t listen to the money fears, security fears, or others trying to hold you back. I am your CHEER SQUAD! If you need some help….

Work with me through a 1 HOUR EMPOWERMENT SESSION on Skype to find out what’s holding you back and how to move forward.


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