Changing Direction in 2017

Coming into the new year, you may be faced with changes in direction as you set about your new years resolutions and as the new year brings new opportunities. Sometimes when we are unsure about which direction to go in, or if we should take on new opportunities we can seek out the advice of others. It’s easy for other people to give us advice in our lives or to say, ‘you should do this or that.’ However, the best thing we can learn when faced with changes is to learn how to trust our own choices.

Our feelings are always guiding us to make the right decision for our life journey at any given moment. If something doesn't feel right, and someone is advising you to go for it, it's time to really check in if its right for you. Other people are not aware of what YOUR feelings are telling you and we therefore have a responsibility to listen to, and honour our own feelings when making decisions. If we base our decisions on what others tell us to do, we can unknowingly go down a route based on what someone else said, and not based on what was right for you.

Just recently, I was presented with the opportunity to make a big change. I received a great job offer to work at an international school in Bali! Logically it seemed perfect. I would work as a teacher in Bali (my favourite country of choice), swim in the ocean everyday, and live the relaxed lifestyle I love. ’TAKE IT!!’, my friends and family said. I was undecided, seeking advice from my friends and family constantly. The truth was, that I wasn't listening to myself.

I quit primary school teaching a long time ago, for the same reasons that I DIDN'T take this job. Teaching Maths and English is really not my calling. The second I said no, I felt INSTANT relief. Why? Because I had honoured myself in not trying to fit myself back into my past. I had come WAY TOO FAR in developing my sense of self to fit myself back into a job that I had outgrown.

Upon this realisation, I saw that I had totally SHUT DOWN my own feelings. I had essentially abandoned myself by putting myself into a situation I knew wasn't right for me, out of self pressure to fulfil the expectations of others, and fear of not having enough money.

In that moment I realised that nothing is worth the sacrifice of my feelings, not even my dream to live a blissful life in Bali, not anyone else's expectations of me, and not money fears. I realised it doesn't matter what the outcome is. The MOST important factor in nay situation is that I listen to MYSELF, that I honour what is true for me, and what feels right.

So, as we venture into this new year of 2017 which may harbour new opportunities, life evaluations, and choices to be made, my message is to….




When we TRULY follow our heart, we follow JOY, PASSION, ALIVENESS and KNOWING that we are on the life path we want to be on. The second we agree to do something that we don't want to do, just for money or to please someone else, we are dishonouring our feelings that are trying to steer us in the right direction. The best path is to listen to the heart.

So, I invite you, to be ruthlessly honest with yourself…

Are you listening to your feelings when making decisions?

Are you honouring what is best for you in your heart (despite what others expect of you)?

Are you trusting in what your feelings are trying to tell you?

Sending you blessings for 2017 and beyond, to live the life of your dreams, to follow your heart and to act with courage.

With Love, Stephanie


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