Embrace your Sovereignty

Empowerment is regaining our natural form of power that we hold within ourselves as divine creators.

In the western world in particular, there is a major disempowerment going on, where people are unaware of their divine nature. When we are unaware of this, we unknowingly give up our power to others, to organisations, to parents, teachers and friends and family. This can stem from the belief that we don’t have a choice when it comes to how we live our life. We seem to think that we need to ask permission to act in a certain way, to stand up for ourselves, or do something ‘outside of the conventional’ norm. A part of us inside thinks ‘its not allowed’. There are a number of reasons why we act in this way. We are unaware of the knowing that we DO have a choice in every situation. No one has control over anyone. We choose to give our power away by allowing it. That is why it is important for us to reclaim our authority in our own lives. To not be dictated to by anyone, other than ourselves. There is no person in this world that has a right to have authority over you. They do, only if you allow it.

When we realise we have a choice about how we respond to people and situations in our lives, we regain our empowerment and our sovereign authority. We have control over whether we choose to say yes or no to someone, to either stay, go, or do nothing. We can choose to stay in a job, or to leave, to tell someone we don’t want to be treated in a certain way, or allow it.

We are the creators of our own lives via our choices. This is true empowerment, to realise and know that we do have control in our lives. Yes there are circumstances that happen to us that we may not have control over, however we do have control over how we respond to it. If something deeply misfortunate happens to us, we have the choice to either become a victim in the situation and to blame others, or to accept the pain that we are feeling.

We are not victims in our own lives. We have the capacity to accept traumatic situations, to resolve them, to work through our own pain, and to acknowledge our own emotions. This is what life teaches us, to find the courage to overcome our own internal suffering. Our suffering after all is our greatest teacher.

I have been deeply disempowered in my life, I’ve been in abusive relationships, worked with highly aggressive and traumatised individuals, I’ve felt alone, insignificant and worthless living in this westernised world of pressure and ambition. Yet, it is these times that helped me overcome these feelings and situations. It is these experiences that changed my life around to find true empowerment, to overcome isolation, to reconnect to myself, to find friends that I can truly relate to, people to support me. I don’t see myself as a victim. I know everyone has been through shit. Life challenges us to our deepest core, because that is what thrusts us forward into new heights, revelations and to help others move through the same situations.

And so as we empower ourselves, we go through a process of recognising our role a creators in our lives. We recognise that we attract certain situations into our lives to teach us lessons we chose to learn, or desire to learn in that moment. We are magnets to our unresolved issues. We continue to magnetise healing to ourselves in the form of suffering. The sooner we see that suffering can help us, the sooner we step into a more empowered way of living.

Empowerment means taking full responsibility for everything in our lives, the good and the bad. It means knowing fully that we are sovereign and free beings, and no one has control over us unless we allow it. It means embracing the knowing that we have a choice in every moment of our lives are not victims in any circumstance.

I am here to uplift, inspire and support others to rise up into their own empowerment. To realise their sovereign nature, ultimate happiness and freedom. If that sounds like you, CLICK HERE to book in a one one one empowerment session to RISE UP into your best self.

With Love



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