Transmuting Emotions to Raise our Energetic Frequency

In this video, I talk about the process of transmuting our emotional energy to come back into a state of optimal health and balance in our lives. Optimal health means we feel healthy, happy and content in our day to day lives. Emotions are part of the living human experience, however we have not been taught how to manage, transmute and work with this emotional energy that is so innate to us. Emotion is energy, a physical expression of the energy that we hold within the body. When we experience something in life that triggers that energy, we have an emotional reaction. This is mostly as a result of unprocessed emotions that have not been integrated properly when we were younger. In order to embody more joy, contentment and bliss in our lives, we can transmute these old emotions to bring ourselves back into balance and into wholeness. This ongoing process of 'shadow work' or emotional integration allows us to become more and more into alignment with our divine expression of self, and to embody more light on earth.


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