How to Attract Meaningful and Loving Relationships into your Life

Relationships seem to be a common theme over these last couple of weeks leading up to this full moon. I have noticed so many posts, articles and blogs coming up. We are going through a massive healing of the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and naturally that will show up in our relationships.

The universe uses the external world as a MIRROR so we can see ourselves, and the aspects of self that have not yet been integrated. This universal principle helps us to learn about ourselves, and to grow. The issues you face in your relationships are reflective of the unhealed wounds lying dormant within yourself. ALL of the withdrawal, rejection, abandonment, smothering, lack of acknowledgement we experienced as a child, are mirrored in our relationships with others. Ladies, if we had fathers that were distant, emotionally removed and avoidant, well guess what men you will attract into your life? Men who are distant, emotionally removed and avoidant. Gentlemen, if you had mothers that were smothering, clingy and overly attached, yep that’s right, you will attract women that are smothering, clingy and overly attached.

If there is a gap in what you want and what you are experiencing in your current relationships, then there are some unhealed wounds within yourself that are calling to be SEEN and integrated in order to have the relationship that you desire. If we want to receive what we really WANT in relationships, we need to start by looking within ourselves. We need to connect with our inner child who was upset when we weren’t acknowledged, held, or given healthy independence as a child. So I encourage you to ask yourself these questions,

1. What things do I dislike in my relationship/s that challenge me the most?

2. How is this SIMILAR to how my father or mother treated me as a child?

3. How can I acknowledge and heal these old feelings that I experienced as a child in order to improve my relationship/s NOW?

Recently I had an encounter with a beautiful man. Unlike other men who have come into my life before, this man offered me deep healing. We had moments of love, touch, healing, help and acknowledgement for each other. I realised I had never felt this comfortable with another person of the opposite sex in a LONG time. I felt safe to share from such a deep and raw place within myself.

I realised this man’s acceptance of me was reflective of the inner work I had done on myself, learning how to overcome withdrawal from others to let people in, to feel worthy of love, to love myself more, and to be seen for who I am as a soul rather than an object.

I was able to connect with him in a meaningful and soulful way where I felt comfortable and ‘safe’ to be myself. I really feel this type of interaction is reflective of how we can recreate true and meaningful relationships that are balanced in masculine and feminine energies. That is, to have relationships that are balanced in healthy sexual attraction, honour for the other, connecting physically AND emotionally, and feeling safe to trust each other to be ourselves.

What a GIFT to experience that TRANSFORMATION and see it reflected in my relationships.

When we do the deeper inner work, the external world reflects that back to us through new experiences, improved relationships, new opportunities and a general sense of fulfilment. If you want to recreate the future of your relationships, dive deep into yourself and recover those aspects of yourself.

I am here to guide you through this process of your spiritual and physical transformation.

Contact me for a private session to identify your blocks to having more healthy and meaningful relationships in your life.

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