Release the Shackles and Follow your Freedom!

Coming from a somewhat accomplished family and systemised society, I used to think of myself as someone who was intelligent in her choices, level headed and knew how to play the game of life. I knew how to navigate myself in a world where a lot of things were known, organised and systemised where you can pretty much determine what will happen the next day, and the next, and the next. Now, I live in a whole different way. I live for love, my spirit and for freedom.

Living for freedom is a WHOLE different ball game. It’s not systemised or predictable, instead, you have to be prepared to willingly step into the unknown. Living for freedom is far more challenging than the road of certainty. You have to get to know yourself, and I mean REALLY know yourself in relation to your life. Your emotions, your thoughts, your intuition, your fears, your behaviours, your belief systems, and confront them all HEAD ON. You have to ask yourself, what is stopping me from living the life I want to live? There are NO excuses when you know your true power. The inner world is very different than the world of systemised certainty that many of us have grown up to know so well. Although it’s challenging, it’s far more exhilarating.

When we begin to take those courageous steps towards freedom and possibility, we step into the path of risk, of uncertainty, following only the call of our hearts. That’s when we can truly feel what it feels like to be alive again! Especially when we have come from a world of certainty, safety and stability void of real life force. There will be COUNTLESS people that tell you to follow the status quo, but it takes a courageous heart to listen to that voice inside that says, ‘I CAN start that business or travel to that place, and start my dream today. What if it works!? What do I have to lose!?’

When you are following the path of your spirit, you simply KNOW and TRUST your inner feeling in your heart. You cannot know for sure it is right, or where it will lead you because it cannot be known and the spirit cannot be tamed. It cannot be held into some tight confined space expected to do what it is told to do. When you are following this untamed, inner piece of you, nothing can be certain. That is why this path takes a courageous heart, one that is willing to surrender, and willing to face shame, fear, anger, hurt and pain all in the face of TRUSTING in this unknown.

Are you on the edge? Ready to take a leap of faith into following your heart? Maybe you really want to travel somewhere, to quit your job and start a business, to end your outworn relationship, to start a new relationship or start a new eventful job, to study your passion, to sell your artwork. Whatever it is, NOW IS THE TIME to do it. I encourage you to follow your heart, because there really is no other way to live. That is, unless, you choose to remain in a state of certainty.


Take the leap of faith, TRUST ME, you will like it.


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