A New Earth Sprouting: REVOLUTION for EVOLUTION

As a spiritual guide and communicator of universal intelligence, I have spent many years diving into the mechanics of my soul evolutionary path. I have uncovered some revolutionary insights into the path humanity is on in accessing higher levels of consciousness.

As a former teacher who is passionate about guiding children and young people to walk this same evolutionary path, I feel my purpose is to share, and collaborate with others, on leading the way for A New Earth.

I believe I am here to serve others as a diplomatic leader in evolutionary consciousness to advance the way we guide children and young people to thrive as divine creators. When we can do this, we are creating a powerful future for many generations to come where all people are aware of their divine nature and acting in accordance with it.

Children innately know their divine nature, they are born creative, they are born with natural curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring their environment. They are beaming with universal life force as they go about their day, seeing the world with brand new eyes no matter what situation they are in. They are our greatest teachers when observing how to live in alignment with our true happiness and joy.

We all know this because we were all exactly like this when we were children. Full of excitement, joy, wanting to play all day long. So what happened? Why did we stop playing? Why did we start restricting ourselves as to how much fun we can have? Why did we stop laughing at the simplicity of life? Why did we lose touch with the simple pleasures of life like laughing, smiling, singing, dancing and playing? These things are our innate state after all.

We were indoctrinated to believe we were LESS than what we are. Through the school systems, the governments, the people in power, our parents (who were also guided in the same way).

We LOST our connection to our DIVINE NATURE.

We could blame the governments, we could blame the education systems, we could blame our parents, or we could blame the people in power, but in truth, it’s all part of the divine plan for us to evolve and expand our human consciousness. There is no one to blame. It is part of the journey into our highest EVOLUTION. To guide us to realise that we are more powerful than what we think, to realise that we have the potential to craft a life of pure joy, magnificence and unlimited potential.

We are walking the path of REVOLUTION for EVOLUTION.

So as we release blame for what has happened in the past, to those that has disempowered us, to those that have made us forget our true nature, we can only move forward from here. We can create new systems, and we can create new ways of living and breathing in the world, all for a more evolved civilisation on Earth. A more evolved civilisation of inhabitants that are humbled by the gift of life here on Earth, and who act in accordance with divine will to flow with love as opposed to fear, hate, lack or limitation.

As divine beings, we are limitless. Our potential is far greater than we could ever imagine and it is time we LIVE more and more in alignment with this KNOWING. When we do, we are no longer limited by any person, any company, any group, any system, we are simply divine creators, crafting the lives and futures we wish to live as we revel in this great mystery we call life.

So now it’s the time, we create anew. We craft a new existence that honours this great mystery and lives in accordance with its dance. We flow with these new times, new energies, awakenings into a greater knowing of who we are as manifestors of our existence, as the architects of our own life and we dance with joy as we journey into this new beginning.

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