Overcoming the 'Worthiness Complex' through Self Acceptance

In this video I talk about a common perception in society to capture a sense of self worth through productivity. People think that if they work harder, achieve more or get more things they will finally get the worth they deserve. This behaviour originates from a belief that says 'I am not good enough', something many of us picked up at home, at school and at university where we were continually encouraged to get better grades and always try harder. We were never accepted for where we were, or simply for just being ourselves. In that process, we have disconnected from our feelings. We can overcome this by cultivating self acceptance through recognising and validating our emotions, and accepting ourselves for who we are, and where we are in our lives. I also talk about the power of meditation to help with this.

Stephanie Wallace Transformational Life Coach, Counsellor & Mindfulness Facilitator GD. Counselling, B. Education, Cert IV Yoga Teaching


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