The Doorway to Opportunity: Will you choose it?

Everyday we are presented with countless choices that lead us into different directions. Today I witnessed myself being presented with three distinct options of how I would spend my afternoon.

We are always being offered opportunities to lead us in the direction of our goals and dreams. This is the way that the universe works, we are constantly being attracted to what we want, and yet it is up to us to CHOOSE to go in that direction or not. Most people are held back by fear, because, well, that’s just the way we work as humans. We fear situations, certain people and circumstances that may threaten our ego or survival. The problem with this fear is that it often dictates our choices and moves us in directions that are the long way around to where we want to go.

Would you prefer to take the short route or the long route?

The joyful route or the challenging route?

It’s pretty easy to answer right! We all want the easy and joyful route.

The only thing is, if we want to take the easier route, we have to move through our own fear. In some ways, it is not the easy route, because of that reason. However, on the other side of fear is the doorway to the life you want to lead.

One afternoon I was deciding what to do. I had three options, and three choices. Each of them came with their perceived benefits, and associated fears. Admittedly my choices are super blessed at this time. Other times those choices will be much more difficult, but for the purpose of this blog, I will use these examples.

  1. I attend an entrepreneur thought leader workshop on the beach.

  2. Go to a yoga class.

  3. Get a coffee at my favourite cafe.

Each option had different levels of fear associated with them. The latter was my comfort place.

My intuition was telling me to go with option 1. But did I take it? No. My fear of seeing a certain person prevented me from following this choice.

When we choose the options with more fear vs less fear, we opt for either more growth, or less growth. To push through fear is to push through to a new doorway in our life. When we take the easy option, things stay the same and we remain in our comfort place.

When we choose our comfort place, we simply choose not to challenge ourselves and to be happy where we are. There are miracle opportunities presented to us everyday. Depending on our choice, we will either, come closer to what we want, remain where we are, OR go in the opposite direction of what we want.

It all comes down to CHOICE.

Each choice we make will direct us onto a different timeline. We have an opportunity everyday to take the high road, the middle road, or the low road. Think about those times when you have woken up and you had the choice to either

  1. go for a walk/run

  2. do some yoga or other physical calming practice

  3. sleep in

You KNOW that option 1 or 2 will support you in your day, to activate your energy and bring you into a good feeling state. However, sometimes we are tired and decide to sleep in. It’s ok to go with the easy option, but there is always fear in between where we are, and where we want to be. So if we want to move in the direction of what we want, fear is inevitable. Fear is an opportunity for growth, to move through barriers and realise we are capable of much more than we realise. Overcoming fear is what makes us feel alive and pulsating with life force.

I still remember the time when I moved to Bali and I had to learn how to ride a scooter through thick traffic for the first time. My god, I was scared shitless! But I did it, and it was a VERY proud moment! It was an absolutely necessary step if I wanted to live in Bali.

So, I invite you to consider taking those choices that scare you today. Choose one thing that scares you, and go for it!

Let me know how it goes ;)

With love



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