The Underworld Running your Life

How's your new years resolutions going? Do you feel like there is something blocking your way forward in your life? You are likely being affected by your 'UNDERWORLD'...

I have been exploring the world of shamanism over the last few years, and it has awakened me to what I like to call, the underworld. I was already working with this ‘underworld’ when I began studying counselling and working with trauma, but now I am much more consciously aware of what this is.

People don’t realise it, but it is the underworld of the subconscious dictating our actions and behaviours. This underworld is what stops us from doing the things we say we will. It is what creates the dichotomy between the life that we want to lead, and the life that we do lead. It is the story and history of trauma. We all have it, and we are all impacted by it, in simple and complex ways.

The underworld is what is really going on underneath all of out actions and behaviours. It is the emotional unconscious or subconscious that is the real one running the show in most of our lives. Ever wondered why its so hard to keep new years resolutions? This is the reason. I see it as an ice berg. The top of the ice berg is the world that people can see. It is the physical world, the clothes people wear, the words people say, the way people present themselves, the masks they wear, the goals they are working towards. And then, underneath all of that is the ice UNDER the ice berg that you cannot see. THAT is the underworld. All your fears, anxieties, your insecurities and your subconscious beliefs you picked up in childhood are affecting your goals in life. More specifically the underworld plays out in your life like this…

  • your deeply repressed shame holds you back from achieving your goals

  • your childhood fear of abandonment stops you from ever having a meaningful relationship and forever clinging to the wrong people

  • your fear of failure and subsequent perfectionism holds you back from completing anything

Its exhausting. We can get so caught up in trying to reach our goals whether it be

  • a true love relationship

  • a successful business venture

  • increasing financial abundance!

And yet, most of us are like the rat, running around the wheel. We are trying to get somewhere, and never getting there because we are up against this subconscious underworld that is running the show.

So what is sitting in your underworld?

Want to get off the rat wheel and achieve your goals by doing the REAL WORK?

I can help! Through a Tranformative Coaching Session, we will

  1. identify the core goal you want to achieve

  2. identify the core belief/s that are holding you back from reaching that/those goals

  3. feel, accept and release those aspects of self that have been denied

  4. identify the next steps forward

So, if you want to get off that rat wheel and do the REAL WORK in your life, let’s get started!!



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