From Self Loathing to Self LOVE

I heard something from a spiritual teacher yesterday and she said something that resonated so deeply. “The world’s problems are mirrors of the self hatred and shame that humanity hold within themselves.”

One of the key motivators to get society to live up to a certain way of being is by making people feel ashamed for their imperfections. For example, if you don’t live up to society’s ideas of the perfect marriage, income and education, you fall short and are put in the SHAME category.

SHAME if you are single and don’t have kids

SHAME if you don’t have a degree or good education

SHAME if you don’t have a lot of money

SHAME if you don’t have a nice house/car/clothes

Basically SHAME on anything that is short of perfection.

Most people will size you up based on how you weigh up in these categories. There is a HUGE problem with this epidemic. People are imperfect and present major incongruences with these expectations ALL of the time. Subsequently, many people are left feeling shit about themselves. I have been hugely challenged by this recently. Deep down, I know these things don’t determine my worth, but it is so deeply engrained in my family, culture and society that I am constantly impacted by it and encouraged to challenge it.

All of these socialised behaviours create a SHAME based society that facilitates the development of a population of people who are ashamed of themselves. You know those people with massive ego’s? That is the result of major shame - people who feel so bad about themselves, they have to inflate a false sense of superiority to compensate for the deep feelings of not ever being good enough.

When you shame, reject, and deny aspects of yourself and deem them as not good enough, you are abandoning yourself. This leads to deep feelings of loneliness and a whole list of bad relationships because you are not there for yourself - how can anything or anyone make up for that? They can’t!

When we abandon ourselves, we tell ourselves it is NOT OKAY to feel what we feel, and yet WE DO feel it, so we are essentially trying to trick ourselves into not feeling because we are ashamed of the imperfection of our human emotion. The simple yet most difficult thing to do is to accept your failures, your shortcomings and those things you just don’t want to accept about yourself.

Where do you feel like you don’t weigh up to the expectations posed on you?

What if you actually acknowledged where you fall short and loved yourself anyway…

Right now, identify something about yourself that you don’t like…

Take a moment to say to yourself.

“Even though I have this (______________), I completely love and accept myself.

Even this simple statement can offer a breakthrough into your own self love. Self love is something that can heal this world. It is something that can support people to know what is right for them, and to follow it. When you love yourself, you can naturally and ease-fully offer that to others.

Do you want to learn how to develop a loving relationship with YOURSELF?

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