The Burning Desire of the Heart

Do you know what you REALLY want?

I don’t mean what society wants, or what you friends of family want of you. I mean YOU. What do YOU want?

AND, secondly, do you have the BALLS to follow it?

In May this year, I had an epiphany! I realised to myself I wanted something in my life, like REALLY from my heart. I wanted to go to Peru. I wanted to learn about plant medicines in the jungle, and I wanted to embark on a whole new journey in my life. I made a strong claim to the universe that it is what I wanted. I was committed. I knew it was what I wanted and I was ready to overcome the fear and go for it! You wouldn't believe what happened.

It came. The money, appeared within my bank account, and within 2 weeks I was ready to go! No joke! That is how quick the universe works when you are committed. “Shit, i thought! Ok, now I am really going. The universe has delivered.”

You’re gonna cringe at what happened next. I booked the flights a month ahead, and I had a whole month to think about it. The mind began… “Who do you think you are? You are just gonna go over there and find some shanky shaman? You don’t even know anyone over there. You are foolish. You have no money coming in.” All these thoughts. Negative, doubting thoughts. You know what I did? I cancelled the flights. I lost a lot of money. I didn’t go. I let fear take over. Then, I fell into something. Life without vision. Life without REAL and TRUE meaning from my heart. I had fallen prey, to living a HALF ARSED LIFE. And now, many months later I have realised something.

Most people live a half arsed life because they are afraid to face the courage of REALLY going after what they want.

Desire is very important in life. It is what drives us, motivates us and moves life forward.

What is it that you REALLY desire? Like, the thing that you think people would secretly think to themselves (who the hell does she think she is?). THAT is your path. You know, the thing that you think is nearly impossible or a little unfathomable. THAT is the path. The thing that you are like, ‘no i couldn’t do that! That would be foolish. That would be too crazy.’ It's true you know, people get depressed, but to get out of that depression (or I like to call it, 'suppression'), you have the have to courage to LIVE life. And, to live this way, is NOT for the faint hearted.

We are all required to get out of our comfort zones. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

Not just the ‘young ones’

Not just the ‘spiritual ones’,

Not just the ‘adventurous ones’


If we don’t, we inevitably face suppression and unhappiness. It will remain that way, until you listen to life and listen to your heart going HEY! Come this way!

Life never intended for us to slave away to get what we want. The hard work of life is not about exhausting ourselves, the hard work of life is the COURAGE it takes to overcome the fear of going after our truest desires.

THEN we follow the path less travelled. And life lights up like a magical mystery ride.

Steph <3


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