The Seat of the Body: The Earth Portal

The most significant lesson I have been learning in the last year and half, since leaving my life in Bali, is learning how to surrender into my ‘seat’. When I refer to ‘The Seat’, I am referring to the bridge or the portal between the body and the Earth. It is where we can choose to either go deeper and surrender into the experience through the body, or we can go up higher, and avoid the current felt sense. The going up higher can be likened to disassociation from our experience, and the search outside of self for new experiences to avoid the current feeling in the body. This can leave us moving around a lot, unable to sit still or be happy with where we are in our lives, and on the more extreme, depressed and suicidal. When we choose to surrender into our seat, and into our experience, we develop a deeper connection to the Earth and begin to feel safe again in our bodies and the world around us.

My personal revelations have led me to believe that when we experience trauma in our lives, we not only remove ourselves from our body, but we also energetically remove ourselves from the Earth. We create this sense of ‘energetic hovering’ above the ground and find it very difficult to relax and TRUST that everything is going to be okay in our lives. I see it as there is a correlation between disassociated from the body, and also being disconnected from the Earth. When we go through traumatic experiences, we want to escape the body, we want to get away from that experience and we definitely don’t want to be on this Earth. When this happens, we begin to remove ourselves from our connection to the Earth. We don't trust the Earth, and we don't feel safe here anymore. It also makes sense that the more traumatic experiences one has gone through, the more prone they are to have suicidal ideation.

If you are one of those people, that fantasise about death, or leaving the earth, you can probably be sure there is some inner work to do. I know this was the case for me (not anymore thankfully). I would often idealise about leaving this earth. I remember in my counselling training in 2013 we were studying suicidal ideation and I said during in the class, ‘isn’t it normal to have suicidal thoughts? Why would anyone WANT to be here in this concrete jungle, in this world of pain.’ There was a few people that turned to look at me with a puzzled look, ‘no not all people feel that’. I was stunned. I literally thought that was normal to feel that way. As it turns out, this is not something all people feel! Omg. I did have some work to do. As it turns out, the more I have become connected to my body and healed my traumas, the more I WANT to live in this world, and the more I feel deeply connected to this Earth I live in. I also feel a huge sense of hope that this world is becoming a better place. For this to develop within myself, surrendering INTO ‘the seat’ of my body, the physical sensations of pain and discomfort have been a massive part of that. Every time I notice I want to run or ‘get the fuck out of here’ as I would call it, I CHOOSE to stay with myself, and surrender into my seat.

If we want to feel safe in this world, and enjoy our lives on this Earth, we need to heal our traumas. When we begin to do the inner work to heal our traumas THROUGH the sensations of the body, we begin to feel safe in the body again. We then begin to trust and feel safe in the Earth again. We can begin to feel a deep trust in ourselves, and a deep trust in the people around us. We begin to develop a much deeper and connected relationship with the Earth. This is paramount if we are to rebuild this Earth into a sustainable place that lives in harmony with its people. We can then see ourselves as the guardians of this planet rather than people who rape and pillage the Earth's resources.

Bali was the pathway of my soul to a deeper and greater awakening, and it still is. It was also an escape for me, somewhere I could go to and all my troubles would go away..and it really did feel that way. But now, I have been called into a greater authenticity to call myself out when I try to leave my current experience and label it as ‘low vibrational’. Instead, I allow myself to drop deeper into my body and my experience which has, little by little, helped me to feel safe in my body again. Somatic counselling, plant medicines and community have been KEY in this healing. The Grandmother medicine has showed me these teachings that are truly forever valuable for my life. I’m definitely not there yet, but how nice it is to know what this grounded ‘seat’ is in my life and not to have to spend all that energy running from place to place.

Thanks for reading <3 Lots of love to youuuuu <3

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