The Embodiment of Grounding

Today, I wanted to share about grounding. SO many people talk about being GROUNDED! What does this actually mean? It's so much more than visualising your roots growing into the ground like a tree (a common practice people use to 'ground'). In my experience, I have realised, the truth about feeling ungrounded is related to the nervous system being in a fight or flight trauma response

As a yoga teacher I see so many people who come into class and their bodies are tense, everything is tense. They find such difficulty in just relaxing into the ground. It's like this inherent mistrust in the world around them. They do not trust the ground, they cannot relax when they do not FEEL supported in the world around them. To me, real grounding happens when we release trauma from our bodies and nervous system.

I have noticed in my own healing journey, when I truly release a trauma holding pattern in my body, the WHOLE system relaxes afterwards. It might go through a turbulent process to get there, but when it's completed, everything drops, the body melts into its environment, like a massive sigh of relief, like when a spring has been pressed together so tight, and it finally releases. Space is created throughout the whole body, and you know what happens, it relaxes into the Earth. The body finally feels GROUNDED, present and surrendered.

When the body is in its natural, open, trusting state, it is truly SURRENDERED into the floor, into the ground. Just like a baby, our natural state is innately trusting of the world around it, its body completely relaxed. It has an innate TRUSTING relationship with the Earth and the world around it. It is our past trauma that caused us to distrust people, our environment, and the world around us (our GROUND). It is thereforeour task as humans, to redevelop this feeling of trust, as FELT SENSE through our bodies. I don't mean the saying 'trust the universe' as a mind concept, I mean truly embodying this feeling.

So, how do we do this?

All of us have been through difficult life circumstances. If you were born a human, this was part of the deal. Some on totally different spectrums, but nonetheless we have all experienced pain and trauma. Unfortunately it is a big part of the universes plan to help us evolve as human beings. The KEY, is to INTEGRATE these experiences, not to leave them hanging. Not to shrug them off of not important and push them aside. When we do this, our hearts close, anger, hate, resentment and all sorts of other emotions solidify as part of your everyday way of relating. We have a choice, to avoid, push away and distract ourselves from these challenging and traumatic memories OR turn towards the upheaval and give it ALL WE HAVE to integrate it, make meaning from it, FEEL the feelings and make sense of the experience. Otherwise, we remain in distrust of the world around us. We remain with our hearts closed to others and we remain feeling ungrounded. We continually react to these survival fears as though we are constantly under threat, and the worst part is we don't even realise its happening!! Sometimes we are not ready to face those dark places inside. It's not the easy way out, but nonetheless, it is a choice that we have available.

When we integrate these aspects of ourselves, the body can release the traumatic holding patterns in the body. The nervous system can repair and it takes us one step closer to our natural state which is innately trusting of the world. This in my experience, is when we can truly ground, truly relax into the present moment, and into the world around us. Otherwise, we remain, unknowingly in this perpetual state of stress. Presence, and grounding, OR stress.

Integrating trauma is not easy, but it is the answer for a more peaceful way to live your life.

Much Love

Steph <3

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