Somatic Meditation

Feel to Heal Process 

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Do you keep yourself busy?


Do you find it hard to stop and be present with yourself?


Do you numb yourself from your feelings?

Do you feel at home in your body?

The Somatic Meditation course will help you...

  • overcome repeating patterns in your life

  • feel at home in your body

  • sit with your feelings as sensations in the body

  • create a loving relationship with self

  • heal repressed emotion

  • learn about the role of trauma & its relationship to the body and mind

  • reconnect to the body

  • undergo a process to heal and release emotions that have been plaguing your life





I will guide you through some breathing techniques, somatic movement practices, and a meditation process to dissolve repressed emotions. We will follow up this process with a sharing and integration process and finally be supported with a nurturing sound healing relaxation by myself to complete the night. 


Weekly Process


  1. Introduction into Mind-Body Healing

  2. Somatic Movement & Breath Practice

  3. 'Feel to Heal' Meditation Process

  4. Sharing Integration Circle

  5. Relaxation with Sacred Sounds




  • heal the roots of challenges presenting in your current life

  • develop an awareness of the felt sense in the body 

  • meet with difficult feelings and sensations directly through a meditation process

  • go through rather than around difficult feelings 

  • adopt a witness perspective to enquire into reoccurring feelings and sensations

  • intuitive movement to follow the felt sense

  • bypasses the conscious mind

  • tap into the intelligence of the body that is speaking to us THROUGH feeling

  • diffuse the energetic charge from unbalanced feelings that are stuck in the body

  • significantly change how you react/respond to situations in your physical environment/life

My name is Stephanie, I am a qualified counsellor and yoga teacher. I have used this process in my own life for the last six years and have significantly shifted repeating patterns in my life. I have been on the yogic path since 2010, and continue to develop my awareness of the link between the body and the mind for healing of trauma. My intention is to guide you to heal from trauma and live according to your authentic nature. I share from my heart the tools and techniques I have learnt along the way.


Note: This workshop has therapeutic benefits and tools, however is not a substitute for therapy.  It is not suited for people with complex PTSD or those with significant mental health concerns.






Cost: $99 (3 Sessions)

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