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Graduate Diploma in Counselling

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As a professional counsellor, and spiritual guide, 'soul psychotherapy' sessions integrate awareness of trauma, and the mind-body connection, with spirituality. As a trauma informed therapist with a strong focus on somatic awareness, I guide my clients to find the root of their problems, and release the repressed energy held in the body by following the FELT SENSE. I will encourage you to locate the feelings in your body and engage in an enquiry to explore them deeper.  This is a deeply empowering process for the individual, because they lead the process, supported with effective questioning. As a practitioner, I understand the vital role of the therapeutic relationship in healing attachment trauma. Often time the trauma we face is relational because our parents didn't know how to validate our emotions. My approach in dealing with attachment trauma is to offer a loving, non judgemental and emotionally safe presence to support you in feeling validated in your feelings, allowing you to be heard, seen and understood. This can be a deeply healing and profound experience.


My shamanic perspective sees challenges we face as necessary initiations to deepen into our true nature, and experience the cycles of change - birth, life, death and rebirth. I believe the symptoms, addictions and problems we face in our lives are our teachers and they show us where growth and change can happen.  It is in these cycles that we are required to deeply and humbly surrender into the challenges we face, and see them for what they are - our teachers. I will encourage you to encounter the somatic feelings and sensations and surrender INTO the pain you face, meeting it with courage and commitment. This process, as it becomes more familiar can become easier and even a natural process in life to overcome obstacles. I will also use meditation, yoga and body movement techniques to support the process of moving somatic energy in the body. 

Exchange: $120/$100 concession for 1.5 hrs

Location: Online via SKYPE , or in person (Byron Area)

Availability: Contact to arrange a suitable time