Creative  Self Expression 


Workshops & Sessions

for children

Our creative ability is what we use to birth ideas, projects, businesses and visions for our future from an authentic, heart filled place.  When we teach children and teens how to authentically express their ideas from the soul, rather than from the mind, they can contribute to the world from this place.

We are creative beings and desire to express our needs, desires and emotions out into the world. This helps us access our inner joy, freedom of self expression and confidence to create a life we desire.  

Joy can be found in the simple act of splashing paint onto a piece of paper, or singing a random song all with the simple purpose of having fun and expressing oneself. 

As adults, we learn to suppress our ability to do this, causing us to feel unhappy. It is important to remind children to freely express their emotions, their voices and their bodies in a healthy way. Otherwise, they too can begin to feel stuck, suppressed and unhappy. 

"I offer a therapeutic space for children to express their emotions and harness their innate creativity through dance, music, yoga and art."

Stephanie Wallace

B. Education, GD. Counselling, Cert IV Yoga Teaching

Creative Yoga 

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Singing

  • Games

  • Mandala colouring

  • Story telling


Creative Yoga is an opportunity to RELAX, CREATE, SING AND MOVE as we play with YOGA poses, use our IMAGINATION to travel to far away lands, tell yoga stories and LAUGH together. We will sing beautiful songs, play games and feel very calm as we BREATHE together. We will COLOUR MANDALAS and learn to meditate to slow down our monkey mind and find inner peace.


Each person will step into their super hero SELF and imagine themselves as the person they want to be.

Suited to ages 6 - 12 years old

Teens True2U Program

True2U is a program designed for teenagers to connect with one another and embrace who they are, their inner gifts, and use their creativity to find their unique magic they bring to the world.


In the True2U teens program we use dance, drama and yoga to explore our inner universe of thoughts, emotions and DREAMS for the future. We learn how to relax our mind using meditation, to visualise the life we desire, and consider action steps to get there.


This journey inspires young people to authentically express themselves and to embrace their true self worth. 


Private Creative  Therapy Sessions

Creative therapeutic sessions use the arts to help children and teens express, create and heal in an open and supportive environment. Art, music, dance, movement and yoga become tools for communication, emotional release and ultimately, healing. 


I create a healing process that supports children to express their emotions for self healing and create artistic opportunities to integrate traumatic life experiences. This space of presence allows children’s internal struggles to naturally bubble to the surface to then provide techniques for expression - using arts, yoga, meditation and music.